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Don't get stuck in the waiting game

Physiotherapists are Primary Healthcare Professionals

Get a Physiotherapist on your team, and begin treatment quickly!

Physiotherapists are primary healthcare professionals. This means a Physiotherapist could be the first person you see to ASSESS and DIAGNOSE your area of concern.

You do NOT need to see a doctor first before booking an appointment, nor do you need to wait for an X-ray or MRI result to receive an accurate diagnosis and begin treatment.

There are lengthly wait times for everything these days. Even if surgery ends up being the end result, treatments are available to help manage pain and maintain strength and function.

Physiotherapists have the education and expertise to rule out red flags, identify surgical indicators, make an appropriate treatment plan, and refer out if physical therapy is not the appropriate approach. We communicate with other members of your healthcare team, including sports medicine doctors, family physicians and orthopaedic surgeons. Imaging results are just one piece of the puzzle. Don't wait to get help.

We are your movement specialists 💜

Things my patients have said that make me sad to HEAR but happy they’re HERE: ⏬

🌤My doctor said it would get better on its own

🌤I was told to just rest and ice

🌤My last Physio only did ultrasound

🌤My surgeon didn’t mention Physiotherapy

🌤I thought only Chiropractors treated this

🌤No one has explained this to me before

🌤I didn’t realize this is what Physiotherapists do

🌤I was afraid you would tell me to stop (work/sport/activity)🏃🏾‍♂️💃🏋🏻‍♂️🤸🏽‍♂️

🌤This is much simpler than I expected

🌈I’m so thankful I finally decided to come

Get a Physiotherapist on your side!

Learn not only what's wrong, but what to do to make it better.

Who's YOUR Physio?

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