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Top 5 reasons to book a Physiotherapy appointment.... that DOESN'T include Pain:

When people think Physiotherapy, the most common thing that comes to mind is treatment for a sports injury or pain. You don't have to be an athlete...or in pain for that matter!

Who's YOUR Physio?

Finding a good Physiotherapist that you like working with, will come in handy for years to come. We have helped clients through various stages of healing, sport, aging and more. The scope of practice for Physiotherapy is large. If you're not sure if Physio is what you need, or how it can help, seek out the advice from a trusted professional.

Reason #1 - Prevention

Learning more about your body BEFORE you experience an injury, a fall, a fracture, or have to have surgery.

An Example:

At the clinic, we see patients who have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia.  This ‘silent’ diagnosis doesn’t often come with pain warnings.  Patients are eager to learn about exercises that are safe, and improve strength and balance; to optimize bone density and prevent falls and fractures.

What would the treatment look like?

Goal oriented (can be sport specific), and largely education and movement focused.

Reason #2 - Maintenance

Treatments that just feel GOOD!   You may have recovered from injury, have a very physical job, or struggle with the tensions of life stress and value this important piece of self care.

An Example:

At the clinic, we often see patients who have had episodes of neck or low back pain.  Patients who come in for semiregular appointments, even when feeling GOOD, benefit from the therapeutic effects of joint mobilizations and soft tissue work, minimizing risk of recurrence, and staying accountable.

What would the treatment look like?

Largely manual therapy based (hand on treatment techniques). It’s also a great opportunity to review current self management strategies and reinforce, progress, or modify as needed.

"As a first responder, I always find myself in compromising postures and rely on my body to help others. Regular Physio is a way I take care of myself." – Kitchener Firefigher

Reason #3 - Exercise

Understanding best exercises for YOU, to optimize independence, form, and function.  For many, exercise is the least appealing part of Physio.  For others, they’re eager to learn about principles of exercise, effective tissue loading, form, and safety.

An Example:

At the clinic, we see a large spectrum of patients- from those with no exercise experience who need a starting point, to those who are seasoned athletes or frequent gym goers who are looking for strategies to optimize their training.

What would treatment look like?

Education and global strengthening. Hands on treatment (as needed) to help with body awareness, form and efficient muscle recruitment.

Reason #4 - Sport Performance

If you are part of a competitive team, or just want to level up on your pickle ball skills, Physiotherapy can help you work on your goals to improve how you move and perform.  Treatment is formatted to targeting a specific task or skill.

An Example:

At the clinic, we see athletes of various ages and skill levels.  The most common athletes at this location are dancers, golfers, and hockey players.  It’s fun to work together refining movements through repetition, motor control, and neuromotor feedback.

What would treatment look like?

Movement assessment of a specific task (golf swing, running etc).  Exercises targeting balance, reaction time, power or speed.  Hands on techniques to improve muscle firing, muscle length, or joint mechanics.

Reason #5 - Mobility

You’ll soon feel motivated to book an appointment if you start to notice a decline in how you move, or how stiff you feel.  This could creep up slowly, or present suddenly.

An Example:

At the clinic, we see various stages of osteoarthritis that respond very well to conservative treatment.  Often patients will report that they are waking up feeling stiffer than normal, or feel stiff in their hips or knees when getting up from a chair or taking the stairs.

What would treatment look like?

A combined approach of manual therapy and exercise to improve range of motion. Learn simple strategies to maintain results between appointments.

Communicate with your Physiotherapist!

Open communication with your Physiotherapist is the best way to ensure you're getting the most value from your sessions and your time. If you're new to Physiotherapy, give the clinic a call #519-219-5400 for a free 15 minute consult, or book an appointment online.

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