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The Sky Approach

Updated: Apr 26

Hi, I’m Jodi. Physiotherapist and owner of Sky Physio.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I love art, books, hiking, movement and cleaning my house to a mix of classic rock and 90s hip hop. I’m easy going, have learned that the unexpected can happen, change is scary but inevitable, and that nothing beats family and friends in this life.

After 12+ years of city life in Toronto, my husband and I moved our family (and my physio practice), back home to Waterloo Region!! The clinic opened September 2021 and life’s been busy in the best possible way.

The success of this friendly neighbourhood clinic relies on the passion and dedication that each member of the Sky Physio team pours into their work, and the ongoing support and word of mouth from each patient that walks through our doors. We see you and appreciate you!!

So let me tell you a bit about SKY PHYSIO. Starting first with the name. Who doesn’t love the sky? I find it calming, inspiring, ever changing, bigger than myself. I try not to take things for granted (especially my health and family) and its vastness helps me keep things in perspective.

I also love the phrase “The Sky’s the Limit!” and “Reach for the Stars!”. In the realm of Physiotherapy, I want people to Reach for Better and to never underestimate their potential for change. I wanted to open a clinic space where people feel at ease, and supported. And it’s a bonus that SKY is simple and easy to remember… kind of like our treatment approach.

If you have tried Physiotherapy before and it hasn’t helped, don’t give up! Find the right fit for YOU!

Here’s how we may be a little bit different:


  • I love treating in my own office. I feel it provides a level of professionalism and privacy for both you and I. (There's a shared gym space too!)

  • All of your treatment time is spent 1:1 with your Physio. No assistants, double bookings, or time lost on unnecessary machine hook ups.

  • We specialize in advanced orthopaedic Physiotherapy (which involves years of ongoing postgraduate training and courses for skill refinement). Most of our treatments involve some sort of hands on technique, but we’ll figure out what works best for YOU.

  • We keep things simple. Life is complicated enough!

  • We are open minded and very curious by nature. It’s amazing the changes that can be made when we listen fully, and appreciate the importance of that brain-body connection.

  • Most importantly, we want you to feel comfortable and get results. The space is calm and inviting, and each member of the team is dedicated to you!


After graduating in 2010 from McMaster University with a Master of Science in Physiotherapy, I continued (and am always continuing...) to focus on skill development in Orthopaedic/Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. I am not a purist with respect to any one treatment approach. Instead, I pull from my varied courses and use a variety of techniques to find what works best for each patient individually. The team meets weekly for mentorship sessions to share our knowledge and make sure our skills stay sharp.

Here's a quick highlight reel of some of my extended post graduate training:

  • McKenzie Approach-Fully credentialed McKenzie Physiotherapist

  • Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy- Level 3

  • Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Graduate- neurofunctional electroacupuncture

  • Bone Fit certified- specific training in Osteoporosis management and exercise

  • Pelvic Physiotherapy- Level 1 (am not currently practicing pelvic health physiotherapy)

  • Pain Truth certified health care provider- functional movement based approach to chronic pain management

THANK YOU for taking the time to read a little extra about myself and learn about this new Physiotherapy clinic here in Kitchener. We are very grateful to have received such support from the Kitchener and Cambridge communities thus far. Thank you again and again to our patients, who make it all worth it!!!

If this approach speaks to you, send us a message, book an appointment online, share with a friend/family member, or give the clinic a call. We're always happy to discuss how Physiotherapy can help, and if Sky Physio is a good fit : )

Reach for better!! #sky

Jodi and the Sky Physio team


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