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" I need a Deep Tissue Massage "

I hear that often. And don’t get me wrong, I ❤️❤️❤️ massage therapy! But, have you tried Physiotherapy yet? Physiotherapy doesn't have to start with an injury, and I promise, it's not (all) about homework and exercises.

If massage alone isn’t helping, a stiff or hypermobile JOINT may be contributing to your ongoing muscle tension/guarding.

Think of your joints (spine, hip, shoulder etc) like the hinge of a door 🚪-if the hinge isn’t working properly, it’s going to take much more effort (from your muscles) to open and close. Addressing the ‘hinge’, and complimenting Physio and Massage, may be the key 🔐

🎤 Cue Physio…

During your Physio assessment you will :

✔️ have a better understanding of whether your muscle tension is stemming from the muscle and/or the joint

✔️ understand compensations and movement patterns that may be contributing to your ‘never ending’ muscle tension

✔️ learn strategies and specific exercises to target and correct them effectively (simply)

✔️ And STILL receive that much needed hands on treatment:

⭐️ Joint mobilization or manipulation

⭐️ Soft tissue release

⭐️ Trigger point techniques

⭐️ Passive stretching / Myofacial work

I regularly treat patients who are suffering from headaches, neck stiffness, back pain, or general tension from life or work stress. If I hear things like "I wish my massage therapist would press harder", or "I feel great for the day but it doesn't last", that's my sign to dig a little deeper and figure out the root of the problem.

But it's not all about the exercises and homework, especially at the start. Sometimes after a period of stress, growing stiffness or tension, or a busy work day, it just feels good to relax and take a load off on the treatment table (literally).

Physio can help. (And it can be relaxing too!)

*Mask update: As of June 11, 2022 face masks are no longer required in Physiotherapy Clinics in Ontario. Please choose what is best for you, and if you feel more comfortable with your therapist wearing theirs, we will happily comply for as long as you need.

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