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Jennie Szwedo
Clinical Pilates Instructor

Jennie is an experienced Pilates Trainer and Pain Educator.  She will be offering 1:1 sessions and small group classes to our patients at Sky Physio.  Her appointments are a wonderful complement to the treatment approach offered here.  

Her Story

Since completing her Pilates Certification in 2012, Jennie is continuously learning, which is evident by the numerous courses and advanced certifications she has attained. Over the past couple of years she has focused her studies on anatomy, functional neurology, and pain science. 

Overcoming Chronic pain herself, after a long and frustrating journey, Jennie understands we all have the capacity to change.  She is passionate about applying her knowledge to the unique Neurofunctional Pilates approach she offers, to empower and support the clients she works with.


“We are all so much stronger, capable and resilient than we often recognize. By using the power of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change) and the absolute strength of our bodies, we can minimize pain and optimize our daily and athletic performance.”- Jennie 

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